Challenge ladder

See how you fare against other Glossop members with our fun internal squash ladder! 

Ladder rules!

  1. Players on the ladder can only challenge up to two places above themselves.
  2. Players must offer three separate and reasonable court times.
  3. If your challenge is successful, you will move directly above the challenged player on the ladder.
  4. If the challenge is unsuccessful, you can’t challenge the same player for another 14 days.
  5. Players wishing to join the ladder are allowed two flying challenges.
    • You can challenge anyone on the ladder
    • If you win at your first attempt, you’ll be placed directly above that player and you can have one more attempt to get higher.
    • If you lose both flying challenges, you will be placed at the bottom of the ladder and rule number 1 above applies. 

Record your match result

Use this form to record your match results. The ladder will be updated by a member of our team once verified.

This process can take up to a few days but we aim to update the ladder as soon as we can.

    Register or update your information

    Use this form to register/update your name, contact information and profile picture.

    It’s not required that you share your number or profile picture on the website – however if you want to do this, please check the relevant consent box.

    If you share your number publicly then challengers will be able to send you a WhatsApp message directly.

    If you do not share your number publicly then challengers will contact the ladder organisers who will facilitate communication privately.

    Ladder updates can take up to a few days but we aim to update it as soon as we can.

      Private Number

      Please note that the player has chosen to make their number private.

      If you already have their number send them a message directly.

      If you do not already have their number, contact our ladder organiser below who will organise the match for you

      Ladder Organiser

      Dan Smith