Leagues and ladders

Test your mettle and see how you fare against other players in the area.

Fancy some healthy competition?

We field two mixed teams in divisions 3 and 5 of the North West Counties League – reputedly one of the largest squash leagues in the world.

With each team made up of five players, this is a chance to test your mettle against local players of a similar standard, whilst boosting your SquashLevels ranking.

It’s also a great opportunity to socialise and grab a drink and a bite to eat afterwards with your fellow team-mates!

The winter league runs every Thursday between September and April with the summer league between June and August.


Glossop second team standing on court together

We have an active Squash ladder

If a squash ladder’s more your thing, we’ve an active ladder running, enabling you to play players of a similar standard and progress up the ladder. 

Fancy getting started?

For a chat about joining the league or ladder, get in touch.